Spy Bluetooth T-Shirt Earpiece

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Spy Bluetooth T-Shirt With Nano Earpiece Set ( High Frequency Mic and Smallest Earphone)

This is a customized production for our special customers who intend to have a bluetooth in the casual trendy T-Shirt instead of bluetooth baniyan. So this casual T-Shirt is a bluetooth enabled shirt, with 32db high gain microphone which is capable of transferring your smallest of the small whispers, it has a battery back up of 4-5 hrs. Battery is rechargeable, All of most it is invisible by the other person. All you need to do is switch on the bluetooth of the T-Shirt & pair it with the any bluetooth enabled cell phones. And put on your micro earpiece in your ear and you are ready for covert communication with your partner on phone. Dictating, memorizing had never been so easy during those periods now it has made easier with the world class spy gadgets. All our products comes with 1 yr warranty (void under special circumstances).


Packet Include:

Spy Bluetooth T-Shirt

Spy Nano Earpiece


Earpiece Battery

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