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Mobile phones led to an instant drop in fixed telephone usage. Back in 1990s fixed telephone had incredible traffic since the Telecommunication sector was monopolized by Kenya Telkom. Introduction of mobile phones made many people lose their jobs. Well, despite the fact that mobile phones have crowded the market, some people still trust the old ways.

The decommissioning of Telkom Kenya’s CDMA network has significantly affected the number of fixed line subscribers who have migrated to GSM services. Statistics show that the total number of fixed lines are 87,774 down from 202,961 which was recorded sometimes back. Compared to the previous year, the FY2014-15 recorded a 56.3 per cent decline.

In addition, the total local fixed voice traffic maintained a downward trend this year registering a decline of 16.1 per cent to post 18.7 million minutes. The traffic recorded for the whole year dropped by 33.3 per cent when compared to that reported in the last financial year. Fixed network traffic is expected to drop further in the coming quarters following the shutdown of fixed wireless network by Telkom Kenya.

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